“Magic Hands”The Lotus Touch

February 13, 2018



“ She’s got magic hands” …  I have overheard some say, and others
“She’s very intuitive”… 


People will tell me things like,
“Ahhh, I have been waiting so long for someone to do that”
“ It feels like my body is unwinding”
“ Wow, I feel a rush of energy, or a flow through my leg/arm/hand/ head now”


So what is really going on? Is there some really “magic healing energy” 
YES and NO. 


YES, there is magic, the magic or miracle of the body itself. The magic lies in the body that is doing the healing; it is still a somewhat mysterious process that science continues to attempt to unravel for purposes of reproducing it in laboratories.  

However, as you may well know, the body is a magical mysterious machine, and has wisdom to repair, restore, and regenerate built right in. 


And NO on the magic, there is a great deal of science, knowledge, practice, heart connection, and understanding behind what I do. People think I am intuitive, and while I must admit I am lead through the body, and I ask for and receive guidance from God through my hands and minds eye, this is not magic. This is practice, connection, and a willingness to use the knowledge and gifts I have been given to serve others. 

OK, so what happens then? 


When Lotus Touch is applied, it is noticeable. It is not an energy healing but there is certainly energy involved. Often the heat, movement, waves, or vibrations felt are impressive.


People may feel a release, an expansion, an opening, bones aligning, memories releasing, visions, answers to questions, emotions, “melting” of tight sore muscles and or trigger points, relief from nerve tension, or even pain. 

What is actually happening is the body has been given permission, through the provision of space and relaxation, to “let go”. 


So literally soft and connective tissues unwind, release, expand, open, and align to where they fit best in the individual body. There is absolute absence of force or manipulation of the tissues. 


What are these soft and connective tissues that are doing the release? They may be one or more of the following structures, muscle, tendon, ligament, myofacial tissue, dura mater, and bones. Of course, blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels, and interstitial fluid, even organs can shift and have improved function from these releases. 


Why does that feel so good and help the body so much?


As the tissues are released from a compressed, or over extended position from their own natural anatomical position, great relief is felt as the body is able to function closer to optimal. 


Through Lotus Touch, the body itself is able to tap into it’s own innate wisdom and do the best alignment, release and repair work possible. This is why it is in general, comfortable, very relaxing, and highly effective all at the same time to experience a release on this level. 


 I feel strongly that any willing person can learn this, whether it be Lotus Touch or some other path. 


Whatever path one chooses, remaining humble through the knowledge and understanding of where, how, and when healing occurs, and who is responsible for the healing, will enable a more effective and efficient service. 


Lotus Touch is a technique I have developed over many years of practice and am now blessed to share with others. 



There are several levels of courses, everyone must start with the introductory course to get the basic principles and some of the general techniques. 

Advanced course work will include in depth anatomy, and bio -mechanics to enable one to serve the individual body, rather than follow a protocol of movements or positions. 


If you are interested in participating in a course please contact me at sacredselfdiscovery@gmail.com or visit our website NOW at www.lotuscenterec.com  


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