By Design…You were made to Shine!

October 8, 2019

The human body; a beautiful, miraculous and intelligent system that provides movement, communication, sensory information, pleasure and experiences to enable and enhance survival. It is a gift to each one of us, designed to maintain itself through monitoring and defending against possible invaders, and with built in repair mechanisms provided to heal any injuries from external forces that would impair its optimum performance. There are specialized cells that function as warriors to fight, others that act as crews to clean up after the battle, and still more that take on a role similar to skilled engineers, architects, and laborers to rebuild and repair the site after the damage is sustained.  

Built in layers, like the organism it moves, the musculoskeletal system gives locomotion to the body through the commands and signals created and directed by the nervous system. It further protects the organs, encasing them in bone and or muscle. The interstitium, or fascia system connects, protects, separates, and gives form to everything in the body from the bones to the skin, through the organs, muscles, nerves, lymph, and blood vessels. This layered structure of the body enables the most vital parts to have the deepest place and thus be most protected from harm.

From head to toes, like wires throughout the cells of the skin, muscle, fascia, blood & lymph vessels, organs and down to the bones, the nervous system extends to give commands and receive and return information from the body and the outside world to the brain for processing and control of all systems. Like the nervous system, the circulatory, lymphatic, and myofascial systems all extend from head to toes giving and receiving, working in harmony with the trillions of cells that make up the whole.

Deep within the body, housed safely in the cavity created by the ribs, sit the vital organs of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. Safely cushioned inside of the muscles that make up the abdomen and trunk, the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, urinary bladder, intestines and reproductive organs are held. Anatomically, or structurally placed to support and aid each one’s function and relation with the others. Digestion, cleansing and detoxification, nourishment, and regeneration are continuously underway at the cellular and more macroscopic level throughout the organs and up to the surface of the human body. All of this occurs without one even needing to give it a thought. 

When the body is healthy, and the mind free of clutter, the spirit can shine through. We can see this example every day in young children. The spirit is exploring, as is the body and the mind. As we grow older, gain experience, and mature, the spirit may take the lead and one will find themselves joyfully pursuing a path that fulfills the spirit, and nourishes the body and mind. They will touch move and inspire others as they move through life with grace, shining in their chosen path.  

By Design, you were made to shine!

Many, however do not. If the spirit got pushed aside for the mind to pursue egotistical desires, one may find themselves successful yet miserable. Or, if physical or mental health has been neglected due to lifestyle, it may lead to an overload of body and or mind. If the body is weighed down with illness, toxins, or dis-ease, it becomes heavy, the mind has to work to command the clean-up of the body and the spirit is unable to recognize the joy and fails to shine. The same is true if the mind is weighed down with depression, worry and/or anxiety, the body also has to work harder because the mind is distracted, confused, and may be looking for an escape. Either way, the spirit is blocked from shining through and the body and or mind become even more affected from the incongruence that is building between body, mind and spirit. As this cycle builds, dis-ease often begins and can grow into a huge health issue. If you are feeling less than great in body mind or spirit for more than a day or two, please look at this. Take the time to ask why, check in with yourself, with your trusted health care provider(s), then do what it takes to feel great every day in all ways.


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