Take back your birthright to feel, express, and let go.

Emotions, or more simply explained as, energy patterns are expressed or repressed for various reasons. These reasons can be either internal or external, real or perceived. They are natural and normal responses that have an effect on the nervous system, and subsequently on all of the systems of the body. Emotions arise as responses to stimuli. From the words we say or hear, to our thoughts or what we think others are thinking, and as a result of our physical actions. Emotions can feed off each other and grow uncontrollably. Certain emotions can lead to negative behaviors and difficult consequences, while other emotions can lead to positive behaviors and experiences. Understanding more about how our emotions work, will help us to experience emotional freedom! 

For example, empathy is an enrgetic pattern that moves one to practice patience, kindness, and understanding more often and readily. Contempt on the other hand, moves one to practice disregard, arrogance, and inconsideration. Emotions can send us on a roller coaster ride of feeling ‘on top of the world’ at one moment or as if ‘nobody likes me’ the next simply by being entangled in and becoming a prisoner of emotion.  Being free from the roller coaster allows peace, calm and widsom to flourish.

 When trapped emotions are freed from the tissues, the nervous system is able to let go of the continuous stimulus response cycle and rest, enabling a state of homeostasis to be achieved. In this state, the nervous system can manage the entire body, generate a healing response where needed, and restore vital balances of hormones and neurotransmitters. This gives the entire organism the opportunity to restore, and regenerate.  When the nervous system is bogged down, the body is unable to maintain homeostasis and dis-ease may begin to creep in.

Trapped emotions can lead to repetitive cycles of painful circumstances, hurt feelings, health concerns, and or life dramas that reinforce the same non- beneficial or even unhealthy patterns. The more we are freed from trapped emotions, the easier it is for us to be present in the moment. As we free up the energy patterns holding anger, fear, dread, shame, blame, guilt, grief, denial, suppression, and anxiety; we create space for the patterns of understanding, compassion, acceptance, patience, and joy. With these patterns at play, we may experience LOVE and find that it has been there all along, just now we are able to recognize it.

Break up the patterns to experience emotional freedom! 

More and more options exist today to help anyone break free from the energy patterns that lead to confusion and pain, in the physical and or mental health of the whole person. As we realize more deeply the integral connection of our body, mind, and spirit, we are able to recognize opportunities to heal as they present. Becoming the observer of our thoughts, deeds, and words helps to start breaking up the patterns that fail to benefit us or anyone else. Prayer, faith, and meditation are each extremely beneficial to this process as well. Sometimes we need some help from a friend to break up patterns. This is where therapeutic techniques and modalities may be needed to move beyond what we can reach alone. So many options are available to help us break patterns, I will only discuss the one I am most familiar with myself; Neuro Emotional Technique or NET 

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is highly beneficial to aid one in the journey of gaining emotional freedom! Of course, depending on what is happening with the entire being, this may not be the only therapeutic intervention one chooses, however it is a great tool to help break the cycles of chronic suffering experienced by the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

NET is a mind body therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Scott Walker in the 1980’s. Since that time Dr. Walker and others have been using NET to successfully eliminate chronic issues in thousands of patients. Research is continuing to reveal the neurophysiology of emotions, pain, stress response and stress patterns. The fact that neuropeptides are found in all parts of the body, and are the basic molecules of emotion is one of the reasons why NET is so effective. The normal physiologic response in the body that occurs as a result of stress and emotions can get lodged in the tissues and create a cycle of conditioned responses that may become non-beneficial to the whole.

As NET resolves Neuro Emotional Complexes (NEC’s) homeostasis is restored and a normal secession of the conditioned emotional and physiological response can occur, thus breaking the cycle of chronic or recurring dysfunctions. Originally developed to treat chronic and recurrent spinal subluxations, NET has been found to be useful in the treatment of many imbalances in the body and mind. 

 NET was developed through the studies of chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to correlate aberrant body structure or function with meridians, emotions, and muscle tone.  A trained practitioner will guide one quickly and easily through a series of muscle tests and enable the nervous system’s’ identification and release of the neuro emotional complex (NEC).Through this modality, one can experience not only freedom from the chronic pain and or limitation in the body, one may also experience expanded freedom from the same old story, avoid getting caught up in the daily dramas, and see their own potential more clearly. One often finds identifying their needs and making game changing shifts with intention becomes more fluid, or natural after including NET in their healing.  

Who can Benefit from NET? 

Just about any being with emotions can benefit from NET! Yes, that means even those who are unable to speak, like pets and babies. As we have learned through neuroscientific research, expression of emotions and stress is a complex series of reactions that form a pattern of changes in order to respond to a stimulus. How each individual carries out that expression is unique to them. If one is trapped in a holding pattern of recycling a non-beneficial expression or series of expressions, dis-ease will surely manifest. It may be experienced in the form of illness, allergies, poor sleep, aches and pains, eating, or behavioral patterns, recurrent injury, anxiety, or depression.

NET works with the individual’s’ nervous system to free up the neuropeptides that are causing the pattern to repeat and entangle with each repetitive turn, leading to increased symptoms and possible worry or over concern.  

How will I know if it works for me?  

As already mentioned, NET can work for babies and pets too, so it can certainly work for you! The amount of treatment needed depends on how many layers of neuropeptides are blocking your free flow of life, energy, health and happiness. How much are you willing to take responsibility for your choices and how much are you willing to change to bring your life into balance to experience vibrant well-being? Of course, not everything is emotional, but every thought has an emotional component, each experience has many emotions, and pain takes place not only where you feel it, but also in 9 centers of the brain including the emotional center called the limbic system. When one is ready, often we find that the issue limiting the healing of the whole being, is hidden deep in the tissues. NET aids the body and mind to release these trapped traumas and limiting patterns freeing up the space for new realities, new patterns, and a whole new life experience to be achieved. From physical pain to emotional traumas, NET may be an integral part of an overall healing plan. Whether you have severe imbalances, traumas, or pain to overcome, or you simply want to enjoy optimal health and well-being, check out what NET can do for you!  


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