Telehealth Therapy…How Can That Help Me?

May 1, 2020

Understanding how you can benefit from one or more teletherapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy:

Physical Therapists are highly specialized holistic health care providers. They provide a myriad of education and are a tremendous resource for learning about self-care and healing. They are highly skilled in providing many types of non-invasive procedures and modalities to help people recover from accidents, injuries, and imbalances found in the musculoskeletal system and or nervous system.

The nervous system is responsible for our well-being, our thoughts, emotions, and movements. Plus, all the automatic functions we do not have to think about like breathing, digestion, elimination, circulation, heart rate, blood pressure, circadian and other rhythms. All the while, continuously processing and responding to sensory information from the external and internal environments. It is the system used by the body to communicate to us by giving input and feedback, expecting modulation in return.

Did you realize that an imbalance in the nervous system will lead to imbalances throughout the body? The same is true for a musculoskeletal imbalance. The nervous system is part of every other system in the body. Neuropeptides, or the chemicals that control physiologic functions, are found throughout the entire body. Any imbalance in the body is either caused by or leads to an imbalance in the nervous system. The explanation is due to the integration and continuous stimulation, feedback, and monitoring through all of its connections.

Physical therapists are experts in these connections and provide a holistic approach to well-being. If you have a medical emergency, you need to get to an emergency center for help. If you are having discomfort or difficulty from pain and or trouble getting through your day due to other health concerns, chances are you can and will benefit from a consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Most people are unaware of all they have to offer to help people understand how and take responsibility for their personal health.

Consulting with a DPT through teletherapy is now easier than ever as many people are staying home, and DPT’s find themselves with less face to face patients and more time for distance therapy. You can learn from a DPT how to relieve your muscle tension, alleviate a headache, improve digestion, clear up your sinuses, strengthen your back, improve your overall strength, endurance, and or well-being for starters. You may be surprised to learn how many benefits you will receive from consulting with a DPT.

At Integral Healing & Wellness, we have built on the foundation of the holistic non-invasive approach and practice less commonly known modalities and diagnostic tools to give excellent value and benefit in teletherapy.

Of course, we offer advice and instruction on how to alter your movement, diet, habits, or perform a particular technique, or exercises to alleviate symptoms of pain or discomfort like all DPTs can and will offer. Additionally, we are trained in and provide alternative diagnostic methods like the Body Code. Also, spiritual and emotional work from modalities like Yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), Prayer, Reiki, and Neuro Emotional Technique that have a profound and lasting effect on the nervous system, thereby positively impacting overall health, and well-being. We approach the being of you as intelligent design. We consult the intelligence of that design to serve all of you.

If you are dealing with pain in your body, anxiety, fear, or confusion and worry in your mind, or other difficulties with your health, consider one or more sessions of teletherapy now with Integral Healing & Wellness from wherever you are. If you are comfortable coming in and are close enough to our office, we are an essential service and willing to see anyone free of respiratory complaints. We take the recommended safety precautions for clinic visits. Click here to book a visit or have a free consultation.


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