Biomechanical Assessment

Due to injuries and habitual postures over time, the body learns to compensate for the purpose of efficiency. The nervous system must control the amount of energy that is given to all the activities of the body, those under voluntary control, and those vital actions that are involuntary. Often, the most efficient way of distributing the available energy controlled by the nervous system is not the ideal way for the musculoskeletal system to move. The compensation over time may lead to an increased build up, blockages, breakdown, or deficiency.

More familiar examples like skin callouses, muscle spasms and even trigger points, may sometimes be thought of as ‘normal’. Less familiar examples, like bone spurs, osteoarthritis, poor lymphatic flow, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, organ dysfunction, digestive disorders, poor circulation, and many other health concerns may be caused by the compensations made over time.

Part of our approach at Integral Healing & Wellness is to thoroughly assess and treat these compensations and the root cause of them. We will assess the movement and biomechanics of not only the area of complaint but the entire body through your everyday movements like walking, sitting, standing, bending, turning and looking. We may do more specific movements depending on the case, and what is happening in the body.