Manual Physical Therapy

(with a European Osteopathic Philosophy)

Manual Physical Therapy (MPT) is a broad umbrella term used to classify a variety of hands-on modalities or techniques. These techniques enable the body to return to structural integrity after injury, illness, poor lifestyle choices, habits, posture, and or movement patterns. MPT treats the root cause of the disturbance. For example, subluxations of the spine, imbalances throughout the body, slowed fluid flow and exchange, disturbances in digestion, sleep, respiration, and or well-being.

Because of Dr. Kate’s unique background and training, she works from a few basic principles. The first, that structure governs function; if the structure is compromised, the function will experience struggle and, over time, will result in dis-ease. Also, the principle that the body is an intelligent design, created to heal itself. And finally, the belief that following the steps of healing always results in healing.

Dr. Kate is highly skilled, trained to ‘listen’ to the body with her hands. She feels and sees what is out of alignment, balance, or function and returns the tissues to their highest functional capacity through the very gentle manual therapy techniques.

The benefits of Dr. Kate’s hands-on treatments are far-reaching. Her practice is an integral approach to healing the entire being and giving the body back the ability of self-maintenance, which was the original design.

Dr. Kate’s manual physical therapy and integral healing approach is a fantastic addition to your plan for attaining and maintaining health and well-being throughout your lifespan.