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Dr. Kate Wilson

Integral Healing & Wellnes Integral Healing & Wellnes
Kate Wilson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Osteopathic Clinical Sciences (Ph.D. OCS) who helps people heal their body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Kate works with people on any number of healing paths, from the curious and mindful to the weekend warrior, minor accidents to major trauma, acute injuries to chronic conditions, and from infants to 108 years of age.

Dr. Kate's Integral approach is very different from almost any physical therapy practices you may have experienced or know. She treats the entire being before her with reverence and respect. She taps into the body's infinite wisdom to guide the needs of that body for healing completely.

Combining scientific knowledge and practice with heart-connected guidance Dr. Kate is known for helping those who have 'tried everything.' She understands the importance of and provides treatment directly to the nervous system through various modalities and techniques, enabling the 'reset code' to be activated. The body, mind, and spirit become tuned like an instrument allowing people not only to heal. They understand the experience of being well. From this point, wellness becomes a natural choice. Dr. Kate feels blessed, grateful, and guided to have the privilege to help others in such profound ways. She lets her light shine, to help others shine their own.

Integral Healing & Wellness Inc. formed from Dr. Kate's work and vision of providing a holistic approach to restoring health and knowing what it is to be well. Integral Healing & Wellness is the place to heal and repair from an acute or chronic issue, and the place to learn to support your body, mind, and spirit. Learning how to respect and care for your individual needs is one of the first steps to integral healing. Kate's vision is to empower others to care for their home – the body, and to love themselves. Through sharing her skills, knowledge, and understanding of how to treat the whole self with love and care, she helps others to experience profound integral healing and lasting wellness.

Dr. Kate is also a conscious mom, an animal lover, a yogi, and a wellness expert. She loves spending time with her family, getting outside, practicing yoga, reading, drawing, painting, ceramics, learning, and travel.