Pelvis & Spinal Alignment

With good posture and correct spinal alignment, the nervous system and body systems can work together to maintain a healthy, happy person. Correcting any imbalances in the pelvis, spine, and or cranium is the place Dr. Kate likes to start.

Integrity in the nervous system, the control center, is the foundation of Integral Healing & Wellness. Whether you are feeling great and want to work on having your best life, or you need to recover from severe trauma, correcting these imbalances will make it possible.

By coming in for a wellness and alignment check up once or twice a year, depending on your age and activity level, you can recover from the tiny bumps and bruises of life more rapidly. You will also experience better communication and understanding between your body, mind, and spirit.

If you suffer from chronic health issues, aches, or pains in your back, neck, or just about anywhere, it is critical to look at the alignment of your spine and or posture. No matter what therapies, drugs, and or surgeries you go through, with poor alignment of the spine, pelvis, or cranium, the healing will be incomplete. The body will continue to send messages that get misinterpreted and treated with another invasive procedure that adds to the wounding, rather than promotes healing.

The body regulates itself when it is well. By design, we are all made to shine.

Let your light shine