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Myofascial Release

Have you ever heard of the myofascial? The Fascia? Connective Tissue? What is it? What does Myofascial Release mean exactly?   The fact is the body is made up of connective tissue, it is all connective, the blood, bone, organs, fluids, and membranes. We are going to address specifically the connective tissue of the Myofascia, […]

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What is the best therapy for me?

  “Ah, my back hurts, I know just what to do to make it feel better!”   If we all thought and acted this way, the above question would be obsolete, Unfortunately, very few people think and act in this way. Or perhaps, one has a method for their back, but what about their shoulder, […]

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“Magic Hands”The Lotus Touch

    “ She’s got magic hands” …  I have overheard some say, and others“She’s very intuitive”…    People will tell me things like,“Ahhh, I have been waiting so long for someone to do that”“ It feels like my body is unwinding”“ Wow, I feel a rush of energy, or a flow through my leg/arm/hand/ […]

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