Quantum Neurology®

Quantum Neurology® was developed and patented by Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., after his wife suffered a debilitating injury to her spinal cord. Dr. Gonzalez persisted in treating his wife as other doctors told them to buy a wheelchair and change their plans as a young couple for having a family. They worked together enabling Dr. Gonzalez to develop this extraordinary technology that healed her spinal cord injury, and she is now able to live a healthy and active lifestyle which includes being a mom!

After over ten years of continual research and development of the system, Dr. Gonzalez started teaching these techniques to other doctors in 2000 and now teaches doctors around the world. The results that are consistently achieved from doctor to doctor are profound.

The Quantum Neurology® system is an excellent addition to the other modalities used at and further aids the body to achieve integral healing and wellness.