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  • Relax, Reset, Regenerate

  • Integral Healing

  • Break the pain cycle

  • Heal from within

Lotus Center for Integral Healing & Wellness

A Holistic approach enables your whole self to be restored, allowing you to LIVE WELL

Pain Relief

Both acute and chronic pain can be relieved with our gentle Holistic treatment methods

Reduce Stress

Understand your stress and learn the best methods for handling it as it comes, keeping stress in check keeps you vibrant and healthy

Improve physiologic function

Our techniques enable the body to function with greater efficiency giving you increased vitality, creativity, energy, and joy!

Gain Mobility, Strength, and Flexibility

You will gain mobility through our manual therapies and we will teach you simple ways to gain and maintain strength and flexibility,


If you have been living with a chronic condition, physical, emotional, or both you will experience transformation as your condition is halted, reversed and resolved,

Keep Yourself Healthy

Learn about the miraculous body you live in and discover ways to support it, as it supports you.

More About the Integral Healing & Wellness Approach

Kate Wilson

Physical Therapy Sarasota FL

The body has an innate wisdom to repair itself, to return to homeostasis, or the place where all is in balance, and optimal health may be enjoyed. To tap into this wisdom, I use the applied sciences of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, bio-mechanics, quantum physics (and more) combined with the practiced arts of manual therapies and intuitive healing touch, providing clients an efficient pathway on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

- Kate Wilson PT, DPT, PhD OCS, CFMP

More About Kate

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By design
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Payment Info

YOU NO LONGER NEED A REFERRAL FROM YOUR M.D. TO SEE YOUR D.P.T. OR FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANY. Most private insurance companies cover physical therapy. We may be able to file a claim for you or you can use the App Reimbursify to file your claim in less than 3 minutes.

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What People Are Saying

  • Deanna D., Florida

    After 3 consecutive sessions and for the first time in decades, my pain levels have decreased considerably.

  • CK Boulder, CO

    Dr. Wilson has a deep appreciation for the miraculous ability of the human body and spirit to heal and a unique gift for helping find the way back to the natural state of wholeness.

  • Marcine P., AZ

    Dr. Kate resolved other trauma issues by using the NET emotional release technique, and I strongly recommend it. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with her will come to understand my enthusiasm.

  • Jenice M, R.N

    I am so grateful that our paths crossed, and for the sacred work we've done together.Meet her on the mat. Meet her on the table, Meet her online.. Bring your mind, heart and soul, and heal it all. Keep an open mind, because how she works definitely won't fit any preconceived notions of what "physical therapy" can do.

  • M.F. Couer d'Alene ID

    Kate gave my life back to me after a horrible car accident in 2017, I heard about her healing care in Oct of 2019 and traveled thousands of miles to see her.

  • Stan F.

    What I didn't anticipate is that Dr. Kate Wilson, a modern and intuitive physical therapist and more, would make a simple truth real for me - everything is connected.

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    By Design…You were made to Shine!

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  • Mar 2, 2019

    The Mysterious Microcosm of YOU

    This short series of articles will explore the microcosm of the body to the macrocosm of the earth, and beyond.   We will look at some of the systems in the human body, explain a bit of anatomy and physiology or geography and function, and then explore the reflection seen to a similar known system […]

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    Myofascial Release

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    What is the best therapy for me?

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    “Magic Hands”The Lotus Touch

        “ She’s got magic hands” …  I have overheard some say, and others“She’s very intuitive”…    People will tell me things like,“Ahhh, I have been waiting so long for someone to do that”“ It feels like my body is unwinding”“ Wow, I feel a rush of energy, or a flow through my leg/arm/hand/ […]


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    Muscle Strengthening with Physical Therapist Guidance

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    The Power of Physical Therapy, Exercise, and Manual Therapy

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    Beating Achilles Tendinopathy: The Power of Eccentric Exercise

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    New Research - Navigating Through Chronic Neck Pain

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    Top 10 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Sports Injuries in 2024

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