Advanced Cranial Alignment

We evaluate and treat all 22 bones of the cranium as well as how the head sits on the spine. This profoundly affects the entire being as the nervous system, or control center is housed within the spine and cranium.

As we align the cranial bones, we alleviate the pressure and stress on the dura matter or meninges of the ground control center for the body - the nervous system. The meninges serve to cover, protect, and enable the exchange and flow of fluid through the Central Nervous System (CNS) and out to the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and the cells of the body. Please read the article It’s All in your Head from our blog HERE.

We are also able to assess and treat the entire body through advanced cranial techniques that allow us to scan and find tension held in organs (viscera), muscles, joints, bones, and the soft tissues of the body.

These techniques are also beneficial for sinus problems including a deviated septum, chronic rhinitis, and sinus blockages. They may be helpful as part of an overall plan in relieving allergies as well.