Movement as Medicine

A journey into you

Movement as Medicine is an 18-week course with three 50-90-minute classes per week of combined movement therapies. The course brings together the sciences of yoga, Pilates, chi-gong, physical rehabilitation, ayurvedic, and energy medicines with breath and meditation.

Designed to enable profound healing from the inside out. Through deep relaxation, the practices you will learn, allow the body to begin the process of healing. This simple movement course starts with detoxification and stabilization, progresses to add strength, and mobility then builds balance, power, and grace. This deep level of healing leads to the transformation of body mind and spirit.

Embark on a deep healing journey into you and lay the foundation for the world we have all been longing for. We can each take responsibility for changing one thing; ourselves. The course will facilitate learning about your body, mind, and spirit while gaining understanding and acceptance through movement and breath. With harmony and acceptance comes love and kindness. As we change ourselves, we alter our world. Enjoy the transformation as it unfolds within and around you.

Movement as Medicine is free of harmful or uncomfortable side effects. It can be completed wherever you are on your own time. You can connect with the facilitator through comments, what’s app and email for any questions or to request further instruction.



This course is for those welcoming peace in their life, anyone who has the desire to be able to respond and take care of their own health.

No previous experience in group exercise class is needed. If you can lie on your back, you can do this course.

Athletic and or fit individuals will benefit from the relaxation and slowing down. All will grow stronger and more graceful through participating in this course.

Benefits include, deep relaxation on and off the mat, increased awareness and acceptance of body, mind and spirit, improved health, vitality, well-being and sleep. Increased flexibility, body awareness, immune function, balance, strength, and core power. Love and acceptance of the self and others becomes natural with the Movement as Medicine practical course. A journey into you. Whoever you are, wherever you are.


  • Movement as Medicine Course;
  • A Journey into You.
  • 18 weeks, 54 classes;
  • 100$ total. That is less than 2$/class!


Online, in your favorite quiet spot.


On your schedule when you like, Videos will be sent out 3 times per week on M-W-F. You are encouraged to practice by repeating the video between classes.


Is it so affordable? – To make it realistic for everyone to use.

What the world needs more of now is love, compassion, and understanding. We need more connection to source to come up with new ways to live and share our planet.

This course is one way to bring more love in! The course is kept affordable to allow more people to join and encourage participation through the value trade and commitment of energy exchange.

As we learn to understand and accept ourselves, we learn to love ourselves. We can then love our neighbor as our self so much more naturally and easily. Drop the idea of perfectionism.


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