Telehealth & Distance Healings

We are pleased to offer multiple services online over any distance. Through an interview process along with guided and intuitive methods, we can help to discover and give ways to treat, manage, and even resolve the issues you are dealing with from a distance. We can and do work on body mind and spirit without touch, so we can do it from a distance also.

We will guide and direct you with exercises, and or practices you can carry out yourself to provide you with self-treatment. We provide you with instructions that you can access on any device anytime you like. You will be empowered to maintain the benefits you receive and continue your healing journey. It is often possible to resolve many health issues and concerns with knowledge. We help give this powerful knowledge to care for yourself. If it is strongly recommended you see someone, we will help point you in the right direction, and of course, you are always invited to visit our office in Sarasota, FL

We also offer immune boosting sessions if you just want to power up for the flu season. We can teach you one on one how to help your body stay strong and your immune system ready to maintain your well-being, and good health through these changing times. Check out our free instructional video HERE